Welcome to Artistic Tarot!

I am passionate about helping you connect to the Creative within!

If you are a creative spirit that seeks personal insight and development, or an artist that needs help with inspiration or overcoming blocks, then you’ve come to the right place!

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Welcome to Artistic Tarot!

Connecting You to the Creative Within.

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Insight With Tarot Sessions

Do you want clarity on a situation you are currently experiencing? Do you need insight into your relationship? Are you looking for direction in your purpose? If you’re searching for understanding about an area in your life, an Insight With Tarot Session is a great place to start. I will help you to connect to your inner creative, and find solutions!

Creative Muse Sessions

Come out! Come out! Wherever you are!!!  Are you a writer needing inspiration for characters or storylines? Or a choreographer trying to find the Muse of Dance for ideas? Maybe you’re an artist trying to figure out your next masterpiece? Perhaps you are experiencing a creative block of major proportions? Whatever your artistic need, the Muse Sessions are here to help! It’s time to bring out your inner child (the BEST Muse of all!) with Tarot. Let the fun begin!

Life Empowerment With Creativity

Are you ready to become empowered as a creative individual? These in-depth Tarot coaching packages will help you identify your limiting beliefs and establish your core values. Discover your purpose in life, and define personal goals. Delve deeper into your creative process. Develop determination, and start living with intention! You are a powerful spirit. It’s time to grab the reins of your Chariot. Experience the adventure of life!

What People Are Saying

“Micki was spot on with my personal reading. It was thorough and precise and really helped me gain some guidance and perspective. I have a clearer picture of the path I am on. I am so grateful. Thank you so much!” Kim C.

“Micki has a wonderful, calming talent for artistic transmission of high ideals. Her receptive intuition brings guidance and insight to your questions through her thoughtful understanding of symbology. I encourage a personal reading if you’re curious about your earthly mission.” Lisa L.

“This was AMAZING… I was just shocked while I was reading. Deep down, I just needed this. You basically told me exactly how I felt, and about the situation. I feel so relieved and grateful that I finally felt I read what I needed to know, and that someone actually gave me an honest, real reading. You really exceeded my expectations, and you definitely described the relationship just as it is. Thanks again Micki!” Shantall A.

Pondering the Creative Muse

Cards In Combination: Using Tarot for the Creative Process

Hello Colorful Creative! Tarot is a wonderful tool for the Creative Process! Below is a snippet from my e-booklet: "How to Use Tarot for the Creative Process: even if you don't know the meanings of the cards!". The deck featured here is the Tarot Illuminati by Erik C....

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Why Creativity Matters

Can you imagine a world without music? How about movies or television shows? Art? What about the ability to solve problems? They all include the same foundation..... Creativity! Creativity involves possibility. What could be. We all have it. Just like any muscle, we...

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The Importance of Silence

Silence. In today's world this seems like a long forgotten fable. With 24 hour news channels, distractions from technology surrounding us, copious amounts of traffic, and our noses forever in our smart phones, how can we ever experience it? How can we experience the...

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